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Kia Services required at 60,000 miles

Kia 60,000-Mile Service 

Kia Services required at 60,000 miles

The 60,000-mile service interval is the second most crucial time to get your Kia serviced. At 60,000 miles, you've likely had the car for four and a half years or more. With all of that time driving around on-road services, your Kia has endeared a lot. That's why it's essential to take your Kia into a shop like Roper Kia of Joplin, MO. Our expert technicians are trained specially in Kia service and know exactly what to look out for and how best to service your vehicle. With that in mind, our technicians will do the following.

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Change oil and oil filter.

It's essential to keep your Kia's engine running optimally just like it did coming off the factory line. At 60,000 miles, this should be your Kia's eighth time getting an oil change. If you skip this service you made void your vehicle warranty, so make sure to get it done. Along with getting some new premium synthetic oil, we'll also swap out your oil pan filter. Replacing an aging oil filter is also just as crucial as getting fresh oil. Over time dirt and other particles will work their way into your car's oil system. Most mechanics agree that dirt in oil is the number one cause of engine wear and eventual failure. That's why our technicians make sure to replace your filter with the best ones on the market that meet or exceed Kia's specifications.


Rotate and inspect tires

At 60,000 miles, your Kia's tire is probably on their last legs, considering most tires only last around 50,000 miles. That means inspecting and ensuring the integrity of your tires is critical at this service interval. In most cases, you should expect a new estimate on all four tires along with a rotation for those tires. With most Kia models, you'll need to have your tires rotated anywhere from 5,000 to 7,500 miles. In most cases, it's best to pair an oil change with a tire rotation since the two need to be done at the same time.


Replace Engine Coolant in your Kia

Aside from having your Kia’s engine oil replaced and tires rotated, you’ll also need to have your Kia’s engine coolant replaced at this interval. Even though there might not be anything visibly wrong with your vehicle’s cooling system, after 60,000 miles the coolant in the cooling system begins to break down and not perform as well as fresh coolant. One of our Kia certified technicians will drain all fo the coolant from the cooling system and refill it with factory-approved coolant to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat or freeze in colder weather.

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