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Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

Kia Coolant Fluid Exchange in Joplin

Every Kia car, crossover, and SUV with an internal combustion engine also has an engine Cooling System that absorbs heat and carries it away from the engine compartment. The lifeblood of the engine cooling system is coolant fluid that does the tough job of absorbing and dispersing engine heat. The only problem with the cooling system is that coolant fluid is prone to leaks and contamination over time.

Getting your coolant fluid exchanged at the recommended maintenance interval is a simple way of protecting the engine from overheating. If your cooling system is left unattended, the engine will run hotter than usual to cause rapid wear on the engine’s moving components. The most significant consequence of a defective cooling system is engine damage due to overheating and an immovable vehicle with costly repairs.

Warning Signs You Need Coolant Fluid

With average daily temperatures creeping upward in the Joplin region, we have the condition and performance of your Kia coolant fluid in mind. Since coolant fluid plays a crucial role in keeping the engine running inside the optimal temperature range despite scorching the ambient temperatures, it is a wise maintenance strategy to always make sure that the cooling system can perform at its best.

If the coolant leaks or becomes contaminated, it will no longer be able to absorb and dissipate heat away from the engine at peak performance. Most common warning signs related to defective coolant fluid in need of service:

  • Engine running hotter than usual or overheats
  • Leaking coolant fluid under the car
  • Coolant fluid leaking at the passenger-side footwell
  • Visible corrosion
  • Weak heater or defroster performance (coolant fluid affects the heating system)
  • Radiator hose damage
  • Coolant Fluid Exchange light is on

Cooling System Maintenance from Roper Kia

Our Certified Technician will drain the old coolant while inspecting the entire engine cooling system for condition and performance. Any worn or damaged components can be replaced with a genuine Kia OEM fluid from our Parts Department. New Kia-Approved coolant gets installed to restore engine cooling to factory specifications. Roper Kia is conveniently located in Joplin near Oakland Park and Duquesne.

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Kia Coolant Fluid

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