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Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less

Kia Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less 

Wondering How To Keep Your Kia in Good Shape When Driving Less? Find Out at Roper Kia in Joplin, MO

We live in a changing world, and many people find themselves driving less and less. If you're one of these people, you likely have questions about how to keep your Kia in top shape, even though you're driving it less. Does it still need regular maintenance? What else should I do to take care of my Kia? At Roper Kia, we want to help you keep your Kia in great shape, which is why we've put together this page. Learn about the importance of Kia maintenance when you're driving less, and then head to Roper Kia, serving Webb City and Carl Junction.

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Does My Kia Still Need Regular Maintenance?

Even if you're driving less, you should still bring your Kia in for regular service. If you check the maintenance schedule that came with your Kia owner's manual, you will see that certain services are meant to be performed at either a certain mileage or a certain time. For example, your tires should be rotated every 7,500 miles or every six months, your engine oil and filter should be replaced every 7,500 miles or every twelve months; your cabin air filter should be replaced every 15,000 miles or every 12 months. Even if you don't drive 7,500 miles in six months, you should still have your tires rotated twice a year.


How Else Can I Take Care of My Kia While Driving Less?

There are several other ways you can keep your Kia in good shape while driving less. These include:

  • Taking your Kia for a fifteen-minute drive once a week - When your Kia sits unused, the battery begins to drain. Driving it allows the alternator to recharge the battery so that it can send an electrical charge to the starter. But that's not all that regular drives do! Driving will allow the moving parts of your vehicle to remain lubricated, it can keep the brakes from developing rust, and it can prevent the tires from getting flat spots that come from sitting too long.
  • Keeping the gas tank full - If the gas tank isn't filled, harmful condensation may accumulate in the tank.
  • Check the tire pressure regularly - The tires lose air as they sit, and driving with underinflated tires is dangerous.


Schedule Kia Service at Roper Kia, Serving Galena, KS

When you're ready to bring your Kia in for service, we make it easy with our online service scheduler. We look forward to helping you keep your Kia in good condition!

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