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Kia Headlight and Taillight Replacement

Kia Headlight and Taillight Replacement 

Importance of Kia Headlight and Taillight Replacement

When it comes to keeping your vehicle well-maintained, headlight, and taillight replacement is something every owner may need to deal with at some point. In the event of an accident, the lens, bulbs, and wiring may be damaged, or it may be the lamps/bulbs that have run their limit and need replacing. Whether the lights are damaged or not functioning at peak performance due to age, a visit to Roper Kia can fix the problem using OEM parts manufactured to fit your Kia as precisely as the original. At Roper Kia, you can trust and rely on our expert help and quality parts covered by a warranty for safer drive time.

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Service Center Expectations for Headlight and Taillight Replacement

At our Joplin service center and our facilities in Henderson, Paradise, and Spring Valley, our certified technicians take care of replacements for all Kia makes and models providing expert attention to every detail. When headlights or taillights are not working, our goal is to provide quick and efficient service along with customer satisfaction. For your convenience, we offer Saturday service hours, home or office pick-up and delivery service, a courtesy shuttle, workstations, and free Wi-Fi if you choose to wait at our service center. Call or use our online form to schedule an appointment that works with your schedule.


Preventative Maintenance for Headlight and Taillight Replacement Bulbs

Headlight and taillight bulbs, like all other lighting fixtures on a vehicle, have a lifespan that at some point will expire resulting in lights that no longer provide illumination. As your vehicle ages, it is important to periodically check that all lights are functioning properly not only for safety reasons but also to prevent being ticketed for driving without proper lighting. When the bulbs/lights fail on headlights and taillights under normal circumstances, it is due to the amount of usage. The more they are used, such as frequent nighttime driving, the sooner they will fail and need to be replaced.


Benefits of Headlight and Taillight Replacement Bulbs

The lifespan of headlight and taillight bulbs is generated by the manufacturer where the number of hours of illumination the bulbs will provide is determined. When one bulb burns out, you can expect the others to follow closely behind. To maintain consistent lighting, when one bulb is replaced, it is beneficial to have all others replaced at the same time. By doing so, you are ensuring all taillight and headlight replacement bulbs will have the same or nearly the same lifespan eliminating the worry of an unexpected burnout at any time. When all bulbs are replaced at the same time, it allows you to drive safely and with confidence that you won’t be left in the dark.

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