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Kia Transmission Fluid Exchange

Certified Kia Transmission Fluid Exchange Service in Joplin, MO

Our service team would like to make our customers aware of maintenance services that are not as common as others but are essential in your Kia’s overall health and performance. One of those services is a transmission fluid exchange service and its necessity to keep your transmission operating at its best.


What Is Transmission Fluid?

One of the many fluids circulating in your vehicle, transmission fluid constantly circulates through the transmission, catching debris that could damage the gears shifting and keeping your transmission operational. It also allows the gears to change effortlessly and the transmission to make the necessary shifts while driving. Like other oils and fluids, it can break down, and its performance begins to deteriorate due to excessive use, requiring it to be flushed and exchanged with fresh fluid.


How Often Should I Have My Transmission Fluid Exchanged?

In most cases, this should happen between 60,000 to 90,000 miles on most vehicles . It is best to have this done on the earlier part of the spectrum to prevent any damage with your transmission for maximum performance. Because of the mileage suggestion, this is something that you have to do every couple of years, depending on how many miles you are averaging annually on your vehicle.


Are There Consequences for Not Having This Service?

Yes. While there is a myth among owners and external mechanics that transmission fluid can last the life your Kia or any other make, this is wrong. If you choose against having a transmission fluid exchange service done at the suggested mileage, you can expect further problems from your transmission shortly after you have surpassed those miles. This deteriorated fluid can no longer capture the debris and dirt coming into your transmission, and your transmission will begin failing in its operation due to this exposure. Having to repair or even replace your transmission is much more expensive than a simple transmission fluid exchange service that could have prevented the long-term damage.


Call Roper Kia Today!

If you live in or around Joplin, MO , our service center at Roper Kia is available for your maintenance needs. We have a comfortable waiting area for our customers while we service their vehicles. They can expect us to use only OEM parts and fluids for their quality service. Call us today or visit our service center website for more information and to schedule your next appointment.

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