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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service

Kia Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service 

Roper Kia Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Oil changes are an important part of keeping your car running smoothly and to make sure that it is going to last longer. Oil changes are different depending on what your car needs and your individual driving style and choosing the right oil change can make a big difference.

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Understanding A Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

There are several different types of oil changes, all that cater to different driving styles and different cars. A semi-synthetic oil change is one that uses both natural oil and synthetic oil that has been blended to increase the overall weight of the oil. This type of oil change is what is most commonly used in normal oil changes. The heavier the oil the longer it lasts and the better it is for cars that drive long distances. This is an oil change that is great for those that are driving a normal amount and that are not putting their car through any sort of extenuating circumstance. This type of oil change also includes an oil filter change as well as possibly changing the engine air filter if needed.


Why have a Semi-Synthetic Oil Change?

A semi-synthetic oil change is going to be good for drivers that are just driving the average number of miles between changes under standard circumstances. This is an oil change that is going to work for a huge range of different cars and that is going to last three months or 3,000 miles. This type of oil change is great for those that simply want a standard service and are not looking for a high mileage oil change.


Risks of Ignoring Oil Changes

Avoiding or forgetting to get your oil changed is a very serious issue. Without oil to help lubricate the inner workings of your engine your car can essentially lock up and stop running. The engine needs lubrication to help keep it moving and to help make sure that the engine is going to keep running properly. When the engine runs out of oil it grinds against itself and can cause a great deal of damage to the engine, potentially ruining it entirely. You need to keep a normal oil change schedule to make sure your car is going to keep running and keep running well.


Why Choose Roper Kia?

Roper Kia offers a range of services and has a great team of certified technicians that can get your oil changed quickly. They have online service scheduling as well as Saturday hours. They also have a comfortable customer waiting area with workstations and a play area for the kids. They work quickly to help you make sure your car is roadworthy and ready to ride.

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