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Kia Fuel System Cleaning Service

Fuel System Cleaning Service at Kia Roper in Joplin, MO

Your Kia's fuel system delivers gasoline from the fuel tank to the engine to create the combustion that drives your car's pistons. Over time, the fuel system collects carbon deposits and other gunk that cause your car's performance to suffer. At Roper Kia in Joplin, MO, we offer a fuel cleaning service designed to remove unwanted deposits, restore your car's performance, and clean up your exhaust.

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The Basics of a Fuel System Cleaning Service

Your car's fuel system consists of injectors, the throttle body, hoses, and valves, to name a few parts. They're responsible for delivering fuel to the engine whenever you turn your car over or accelerate. Contaminants and water get into your fuel system over time, reducing the performance of your car's fuel system. Getting a fuel system cleaning service for your car cleans out carbon deposits that build up over time and lubricates important parts, including gaskets, o-rings, and injectors, to prevent leaks and dried-out seals.

The Steps Involved in a Fuel System Cleaning Service

A fuel system cleaning service starts by pouring a cleaner into the fuel tank, then running the engine for a period of time. This is followed by adding a second cleaner into the engine that removes carbon deposits and gunk built up in areas, including the fuel intake and the monitoring sensors. Getting the monitoring sensors clean is especially important because they tell your car's computer how much fuel it's using and how much fuel is in the tank.

A Fuel System Cleaning Helps Your Car Run Better

The build-up of gunk and carbon deposits diminishes your car's performance over time. You may notice that your car is running rough, and the engine isn't staying smooth at idle. You may also notice that your gas mileage has decreased, another sign that your car needs a fuel system cleaning. Bringing your car in for a fuel system cleaning results in eliminating these issues and restores your car's performance.

How You Know It's Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

You should schedule a fuel system cleaning service once a year or when you notice your car's performance seems off. Weather, driving conditions, and the fuel you buy all play a role in how quickly your car's fuel system gets dirty. The auto technician can advise you on how frequently your car needs a fuel system cleaning.

See Us at Roper Kia for a Fuel System Cleaning Service

At Roper Kia in Joplin, MO, we staff our service department with factory-trained technicians capable of restoring your Kia's performance to factory standards. Call us today or use our online service scheduler to make an appointment for a fuel system cleaning service. We provide a comfortable waiting room designed to meet every need you might have while you wait.

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